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A Community-Driven Connellsville Estate Planning Attorney Offering You Sound, Practical Advice

Dedicated to serving Greensburg, Uniontown and all of Fay-West Counties, PA

You’ve worked hard your entire life to provide for your family. Effective estate planning can ensure they continue to thrive both in the future and after you’re gone. If you are ready to get started setting up wills and trusts, or need help navigating issues related to probate or guardianship, call on Margaret Zylka House, Attorney at Law.

Locally based and highly experienced at creating sound strategies for your future, we give you options for your estate plan. Perhaps you want to gradually transfer ownership of your assets through a trust or set up a comprehensive will that leaves out any guesswork when distributing your property after your death. We cover it all, making sure you’re completely comfortable with your estate plan going forward.

A strong Fay-West wills and trusts attorney

Wills and trusts let you determine who takes ownership of your assets after your death, avoiding the complications that arise when a court must divide your property for you. Working with an experienced Greensburg wills and trust lawyer helps you make fully informed decisions.

A valuable resource for complex planning

Larger estates and businesses often involve significant tax liabilities and other legal hurdles, so you stand to benefit from the services of a complex estate planning attorney in Connellsville who can walk you through the process and avoid common pitfalls. We work with individuals and organizations with all types of estate planning needs and handle the most complicated challenges.

Establishing living wills and powers of attorney

Living wills, also known as Advanced Directives, allow you to plan for your personal and medical needs in the event you become incapacitated. These documents allow you to designate medical decision-makers on your behalf and give direction to your family and friends as to the care and treatment you desire. This removes a great burden of decision-making from your loved ones, while allowing you to express your final wishes to your care providers.

Powers of attorney are another useful tool in helping you prepare for the future. These documents permit you to name another person (or persons) to help you make day-to-day medical and/or financial decisions. They also help you plan for the event that you are unable to handle your personal finances or decision-making in the future, allowing you to delegate this responsibility to a knowledgeable and trusted person or entity instead of having the court take over that role.

Advising you through guardianships

Sometimes loved ones have not taken advantage of long-term planning. When a person is unable to make decisions in their best interest due to their medical, emotional, or mental condition, it may be necessary to have the court appoint a trusted family member or friend to make those decisions for them. This is done through the legal process known as a guardianship. We can guide you through the guardianship process and help you make effective decisions. Learn more about guardianships>>>

Covering your long-term care planning needs

People today live longer than ever, leading to a greater need for long-term care planning. Creating a clear vision for how your loved ones should care for you in your elder years leaves you better prepared for these situations. Learn more about long-term care planning>>>

Assisting with probate and trust administration

Probate and estate administration determine ownership of a deceased person’s assets and property. To ensure this process goes smoothly, work with a diligent Connellsville probate lawyer who has experience in this area of the law in Pennsylvania.

Call our estate planning lawyers in Greensburg now

Don’t drive all the way to Pittsburgh for estate planning services — work with Margaret Zylka House, Attorney at Law. Call us today at 724-620-6805 or contact us online. We proudly serve Connellsville, Greensburg and the surrounding areas.