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A Respected Connellsville Probate Lawyer Who Guides You Through Difficult Probate Issues

Get help from a qualified probate litigation attorney in Connellsville, Greensburg and Uniontown

When loved ones die, their assets and property are distributed according to their wills through the probate process — often creating points of contention and worry in their families. To ensure you protect your family’s interests and achieve a positive outcome, you need the experienced and thorough legal guidance of Margaret Zylka House, Attorney at Law. Practicing estate planning law in the Fay-West area since 2006, we understand your concerns and work hard to develop sound legal strategies that secure the assets that belong to your family.

Navigating the probate and trust administration processes

During probate, the court first verifies, or “probates,” the deceased person’s will and legally appoints the executor of the estate to administer the estate. The executor organizes the decedent’s financial assets by gathering information and appraising property. The executor then pays bills, debts and taxes in the manner set forth by the probate code. Finally, the executor distributes the decedent’s estate to the designated beneficiaries.

We assist with the following issues:

  • Petition and probate of the will
  • Notification to beneficiaries
  • Organization, appraisement and sale of assets
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Accounting and distribution of assets
  • Navigating through all legal aspects of the deceased person’s estate

Consulting with a Connellsville estate planning lawyer helps you understand this process, including what you should do when there’s a contested will. We have years of experience in estate planning, and offer a strong background of knowledge in probate and trust administration.

Real solutions from Connellsville probate attorneys

With Margaret Zylka House, Attorney at Law, you have access to a Connellsville will attorney who gives you honest answers based on our experience as both legal and business professionals. When you work with us, you get:

  • Respectful advice. This is a difficult time for you and your family, and we guide you through the process so that you understand all of your options.
  • Practical solutions. You receive advice based on financial realities and the terms outlined in the deceased individual’s will.
  • Personal attention. We know that every case is different, and we give you the one-on-one attention and care that you deserve.

At the law firm of Margaret Zylka House, Attorney At Law, we serve you — our friend and neighbor — when you’re dealing with probate and trust administration issues. Call on us to work toward the best outcome possible.

Call a trusts and probate administration lawyer in Connellsville today

Contact our office at 724-620-6805 today for more information on how Margaret Zylka House, Attorney at Law can help you. We’re conveniently located on Route 119 (Memorial Boulevard) in Connellsville. We proudly serve Uniontown, Greensburg and the surrounding areas.